History Advice on Marriage

My husband came across some harsh advice from the suffragette period of time and I thought I would share it.

  • Do not marry at all
  • Must avoid the flirts, beauty men, tailor’s dummies, football enthusiasts, and bounders
  • Look for strong, tame men, fire-lighters, coal-getters, window cleaners, and yard swiller
  • Don’t expect too much. Most men are lazy, selfish, thoughtless, lying, drunken, clumsy, rough, unmanly brutes, and need taming
  • All bachelors are worse still
  • If you want him to be happy; feed the brute
  • The same remark applies to dogs
  • You will be wiser not to chance marriage. It isn’t worth the risk.

Obviously, this woman doesn’t care for men much.

Photo by Amine M’Siouri on Pexels.com

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