Sunny Days in Florida

Although this corona virus is spreading across the world & the USA, the airlines are doing the best they can. I had already planned a trip to Florida before the virus hit. Delta airlines wipe down all their seats and trays after every flight. They kept lone travelers apart from others by separation of seats, either a whole row by yourself or one on each end. The Seattle airport divided people up by feet for baggage and security. Feel free to wear a mask if you feel safer. Keep your hands to yourself and wash frequently or use hand sanitizer. Delta uses filtered air on their planes. That said I had a great time.

I went to Cape Coral, Florida to visit my sister. Although bars & restaurants were starting to close, people stocked up on liquor for home. You can make the best of it by playing games or cards with your loved ones for entertainment. I enjoyed the sunshine too. One place that wasn’t crowded was the Calusa nature trails. We saw an alligator next to the trail. There are also birds of prey to view in cages. And turtles and fish too.

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