Spring Projects For Kids

Here are some simple crafts your little ones can do for fun. You’ll need some plastic eggs, pipe cleaners, glue, googly eyes, and cotton balls plus some imagination.

To make a bunny, glue a cotton ball on the end of the egg for a tail. Twist a pipe cleaner into an ear shape, then glue the end of it where you want the ears. Next glue the googly eyes. You can get these at JoAnne’s or Michael’s craft stores. I glued a snap for a nose, but you can use raisins or anything else that’s clever. You can add whiskers from string, construction paper, or what have you.

Foe a bug: Twist a small piece into a candy cane shape and glue it on the egg for antennas. Add googly eyes with glue. Add the legs with pipe cleaners.

Happy spring & Easter!

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