A Feeling of Woe

In this time of isolation and the pandemic, suicides are on the rise. No one believes it will happen to one of your family members until it does. My sister had married an older man and he was retired while she yet worked. She noticed her husband had been drinking and sleeping a lot lately, but she never imagined he’d kill himself. She changed her clothes and sat in her recliner with her feet up and read a book. Her husband seemed irritable and told her he was going to bed even though it was only 7 pm. She heard a bang and ran into the bedroom. Her husband shot himself in the head, yet his eyes were still open and he was breathing. She called 911 and they arrived within minutes. However, they asked her a bunch of questions as though she murdered him and they called in forensics. The medics took her husband to the hospital. The criminal investigator eventually drove my sister to the hospital to be with her husband.

The doctor declared him brain dead and only the ventilator kept him alive. He had donated his body to science, BUT they refused his eyes because he had cataract surgery. His brain was mush. He had coded twice so his heart wasn’t any good. His kidneys and liver were bad from his drinking. My sister had his body cremated and had to come home and clean up all the blood.

My brother-in-law had all the signs of suicide and depression, yet no one picked up on it. If you notice your loved one complaining of feeling hopeless, having no reason to live, feeling they are a burden to everyone, sleeping too much or too little, giving away prized possessions, loss of interest, irritability, and drinking alcohol in excess or taking a large amount of drugs, these are warning signs of suicide. Keep access of firearms away.

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