London Bridge

London BridgeRemember the old ditty, “London Bridge is Falling Down?”  That song was based on truth. The original London Bridge endured 50,000 pedestrians daily over 140 years until the bridge slowly began to sink in the soft bottom of the Thames River. England decided to sell the London Bridge and the USA bought it for millions of dollars. It was brought to Arizona piece by piece. The bridge was reconstructed on dry land which cut down on time and expense. The Bridgewater Channel was carved out of Pittsburgh Point which changed the area into an island. The granite of the London Bridge, blackened over decades due to the exposure of the coal plants in England during the Industrial Revolution, actually bleached back to its original color from the desert sun of Arizona. The bridge can be viewed at Lake Havasou, Arizona by walking the perimeter of the beach trail for free. Otherwise, if you want to walk or drive over the London Bridge it will cost you a fee near the resort area. I found this piece of history interesting while I vacationed in the area.

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