Humor with Story

I was practicing¬† my preschoolers’ lesson and my husband sat down at the table. I pretended he was my audience.¬† The subject matter was on the little things. I decided to teach about bugs, spiders, and insects. As part of the lesson, I told the story about the Ant and the Grasshopper. It went something like this: One summer day, a grasshopper chirped and hopped about. An ant pulled and struggled with an ear of corn and passed by the grasshopper.

“Stop and chat a while,” said the grasshopper.

“I can’t. I’m busy storing food for the winter,” said the ant.

“But we have plenty of food right now.”

The ant continued in his work.

Along came winter and the grasshopper found himself without food, while the ant had plenty.

I was going to tell the moral of the story when my husband interjected:

“Then Raid came and wiped them out.”

It caught me off guard and I laughed. I thought I’d pass it on.grasshopper-nature-macro-detail-55739.jpeg

Foot Pain

Pain in the ball of your foot, especially between the third and fourth toes, is a foot condition called Morton’s Neuroma. It occurs in the forefoot where the tissue thickens around the nerves leading to the toes. Symptoms include either a burning sensation, sharp pain, tingling, numbness, or cramping in the foot. Frequent constant pressure on this area can develop a benign tumor or hard ball under the skin. They are usually fibrous tissue formation. Wearing shoes that put pressure in the area, especially¬† high heels, and playing some sports seems to lead to the condition. Doctors advise changing shoes or wear insoles.pexels-photo-271897.jpeg

Cold Conditions

If you are one of those people that get cold easily, maybe the condition is medical related. Anemia is a condition that if you don’t have enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to the body’s tissues could be a culprit. You may also feel tired and weak from anemia. Research has shown that it’s common to be overlooked for this condition. More than 10% of people over 65 are anemic. Another condition that can cause you to feel cold all the time is Hypothyroidism. The lack of or low condition of thyroid hormones can cause you to feel cold. Diabetes can cause circulation problems and lead to people feeling cold. A warning sign of peripheral nervous damage is if your feet feel cold, but they aren’t cold to the touch. Diabetes and high blood pressure can lead to kidney disease. Waste can build up and lower your core body temperatures, because the kidneys aren’t working properly to filter the blood. Some beta-blocker medications, used for the heart or blood pressure, can make your feet and hands feel colder. pexels-photo-235621.jpeg

The Latest Scam

The new breed of telephone scammers don’t wait for someone to say hello to rip someone off. One such scam is they make repeated calls to you and disconnect after one ring. They know this will spur people into calling back the displayed number. If you call the area codes such as 268, 664, and 876 back, you will incur high per minute phone charges because these calls are from other countries. The scam involves getting you to call one of the numbers, then they put you on hold that racks up your bill, until the scammer gets on the line and gives a fraudulent pitch. Another popular scam is a scammer texts you with a fake problem from one of your financial accounts and asks for data or they pitch low cost mortgages or credit cards. If you respond by texting back personal information, your identity is stolen. Scam artists spend hours calling customer service centers of banks, insurance companies, and other institutions, posing as other people to access accounts. Scammers start by assembling information on you stolen from data breaches purchased on the dark web. With your data in hand, they can answer authenticated questions. Be careful.pexels-photo.jpg

Are Sports Drinks Good For You?

Beverage companies advertise sports drinks as a healthy way to keep you well-hydrated. The truth is shocking. The ingredients in the sports drinks will not hydrate you and are actually detrimental to your health. A typical sports drink contains high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. It has two-thirds of the sugar content of soda, and is thirty times more erosive to your teeth.

Commercial fruit juices are also loaded with sugar. Read a label and you’ll be surprised at the amount of sugar content in them. Commercial fruit juices are pasteurized and their oxygen removed to help preserve them for a long time which makes them nutrient-dense. Store-bought juices with an expiration date of sixty days or more is a sign that they are heavily processed.

Athletes, particularly those involved in marathons and cycling tournaments, are predisposed to dehydration. The longer they exercise, the more they lose water in their bodies. While everyone is prone to dehydration, if not getting enough water, the highest risk are those people that engage in mountain climbing. The pressure in high altitude places makes the hikers lose more sweat and breathe harder. The increased gas exchange causes the body to lose more water vapor.

So forget the juices and sports drinks for hydration and stick to water. Your body will appreciate it.pexels-photo-327090.jpeg