Civil War Medicine

The American Civil War was a turning point in the history of medicine. Many of the advancements made during the war influenced modern medical practices. Those ideas are still relevant today such as a structured ambulance, on-site response team, and a hospital system. At the beginning of the war, there wasn’t a system to transport…Read more »

Biden, Trump, and Lincoln

I was reading from a historical book, The Impeding Crisis by David Potter and found something quite similar to Trump’s ideals. It made me wonder if Trump’s cohorts used this material. It stated: Another point of danger was the national capital itself. Lincoln’s sense of being the target of a conspiracy was no doubt enhanced…Read more »

The Power of Folate

B vitamins are important for energy and nerve health. The most famous of them is Folic Acid that obstetricians recommend to pregnant women to help with the spinal development in fetuses. New scientific evidence has shown that it also helps your brain. Researchers found in a clinical study that folate levels were reduced in people…Read more »