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All four of the Gospels make some reference to the imprisonment of John the Baptist (Matthew 14:3,10; Mark 6:17; Luke 3:20; John 3:24). This must have been a significant and traumatic event for both the disciples of John and the disciples of Jesus. Mark, the shortest gospel, gives the most complete account of why Herod […]

via New discovery at Machaerus where John was imprisoned — Ferrell’s Travel Blog

A soft sunrise over the Vermilion Lakes

Christopher Martin Photography

Dawn reached across the Fairholme Range and brushed the sky through to Mount Rundle. An eight second exposure traced the motion in the scene, blurring the water into soft streaks and stretching out the clouds above. Photographed on June 4, 2017 on the Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park’s Bow Valley.

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Scribbling with moonlight

Christopher Martin Photography

The moon was scribbling on the surface of one of the Vermilion Lakes in Banff National Park on the weekend.

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Interesting Yard

I found this person’s yard décor unique and thought I would share it.

Recipe: Creme de Menthe Brownies


Eric the Cook

Recipe: Creme de Menthe Brownies

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Aurora over the Elbow River

beautiful lights

Christopher Martin Photography

Last weekend there was a massive storm in the sky on Saturday night.  Not the thunder and lightning kind – though there was a very energetic rain shower around 2am – rather a geomagnetic storm.  With that came bright auroras which rippled and shot for several hours.  The rain actually woke me up and when I looked outside, I could see the Northern Lights between gaps in the clearing clouds.

I picked up some gear and headed outside right away.  Living near Bragg Creek we have dark skies except for the glow from Calgary to the east so it was easy to see the show right from my deck.  When I walked over to the banks of the Elbow River, it coincided with an intense burst that lasted for almost twenty minutes.  I woke my daughter up later when I went back home and we were able to catch another…

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Loons on the lake in Banff National Park

Christopher Martin Photography

I found a pair of common loons on the third Vermilion Lake in the Banff National Park on the weekend.  They were diving and skimming the water surface for food, enjoying the sunshine and paddling close to each other at different points.

The sunlight caught the iridescence in their feathers.  It is beautiful when the red eyes glow and the silky greens shimmer along their necks.

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Purple evening

The Nordic Light

f/18, 30 sec, ISO 200

A purple evening over old Fjøløy Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was first constructed in 1849 and was only lit a few months of the year during herring fisheries in the winter. This Heritage lighthouse is now automated – as most lighthouses along the Norwegian coast today.

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More on the recently discovered Roman Road

Roman history

Ferrell's Travel Blog

Less than 3 months ago we reported here on the discovery of a second century Roman road uncovered in the vicinity of Beit Shemesh and the Elah Valley. Recently we came down to the area from Hwy. 60 south of Bethlehem on Hwy. 375. The information in the IAA press release indicated that the newly discovered road was near Beit Natif (Netiv), but we saw no indication of it. We went into the village of Beit Netiv and a gentleman pointed us back toward Bethlehem and told us that we would find a road on the left where he thought some work was being done.

Following the kind gentleman’s instruction we turned successively into two roads, but neither led us to the Roman road. Finally I checked this blog and downloaded the IAA Press Release for a phone number and called the IAA office. A lady there said she did…

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Foggy Predators, Ghostly Ships: Day 3 of the Coastal Trip

Beautiful pictures

Tales for Life

Cannon, Cannon Beach Day 2 080 All photographs by Cynthia Guenther Richardson

That watchful bald eagle on a basalt mound whose photo I posted last time was patiently waiting for a strike at his prey.  Success was not a surprise but the unfolding event was at once thrilling and sobering. Such precision! The crying and diving seagulls tried in vain to retrieve one of their own but the eagle was not even detained.

For humans, there’s something to be said for reasonable proximity to civilization with its conveniences and comforts. Yet we still seek wilder places if we respect, appreciate and even revere nature, as do I. I am quickly released of angst or drear, from any worldly mental detritus as my home city’s buzz and bombast is left behind. A more primitive mind is set in motion as senses are stimulated, satiated. And sometimes roused by a flashes of alarm here and there as rain…

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