The Fight Between the Fats

I recently attended a seminar about staying healthy. Remember all the fights and controversy over butter v.s.  margarine? Well, it turns out that trans fats are evil because they aggravate undesirable issues. So all you margarine lovers, you might want to think again. Margarine has 15% synthetic trans fats and 17% saturated fats. Butter is actually good for you in moderation and comes naturally from a cow.

What about your cooking oils, you ask? Let’s break it down. Extra virgin olive oil isn’t any different from regular olive oil in chemical comparison, except the taste. Do not use extra virgin olive oil in baking bread as the taste will change. Olive oil is heart friendly. However, it was not meant to cook on high temperatures.Vegetable shortening on the other hand has 30% trans fats. Trans fats are 100 times slower than other fats. Canola oil is genetically modified from rap seeds. All the advertisements about this oil as  a healthy oil are false. Lipids are out of the norm and it is not heart friendly. Think about it: it’s genetically modified. Coconut oil doesn’t promote heart disease or fatty liver, improves cognitive function, and doesn’t cause plaque in your arteries. Any of the nut and seed oils such as walnut, sunflower, and almond do not have trans fats. Avocado  oil is good for you and less likely to degenerate in high temperatures like olive oil. What about grape seed oil? I wouldn’t advise it, in cooking, because it’s purified in gasoline. Palm oil is similar to butter and is good for you. So, what are you going to cook with? I think the coconut oil sounds the best. I’m also switching from margarine to butter.

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