Murder The Weeds

With hot summers comes the endless weeds in our yards and gardens. Weeds germinate best in warm, sunny, moist soil. Loose, dry, shady soil not so much. Once the weeds sprout, there are a few ways to kill them. I don’t recommend poisons as they run off into the sewers and eventually find their way into the sea, killing the fish. Also the birds are affected. Try these suggestions instead:

  • Fork the flower and garden beds and lawns. It loosens the soil. Sift out the roots and hand-pull the weeds.
  • Bury the weeds. This works well for broadleaves that don’t grow back from roots. For the other kinds of weeds, burying slows them down. Mulch also helps.
  • Cut the roots from the tops with a hoe, scraper, or knife. This works well for most weeds.

    white dandelion
    Photo by zhang kaiyv on

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