The Season of Holiday Crafts

I was teaching my preschoolers about Advent and we made a wreath out of foam. Then I had them work on a star. Together the two projects looked amazing. You can either purchase precut foam wreathes at Michaels or make your own. I liked the scalloped edges. Here is the list of materials you will need:

  • green foam
  • scissors
  • red foam
  • glitter
  • clear glue
  • yellow felt
  • star cookie cutter
  • paper plate

Cut out a wreath shape out of the green foam. Set aside. Cut out a bow and berries out of the red foam. Glue the berries and bow onto the wreath. Next, using a large star-shaped cookie cutter, trace around it with a pencil or marker onto the yellow felt. Write the first initial of the child’s name in the middle of the star. Apply clear glue over it. Place the star on the paper plate. Have the child apply the glitter. After the area has dried, shake out the excess glitter. Place star back on the paper plate and apply the wreath over it.20181205_193422 (1) star wreath

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