Generation Seeds

Since the pandemic, many businesses have closed. For those of you wanting to grow your own flowers or vegetable garden, seeds may become scarce for next year. To overcome the panic, collect seeds from your garden this year. You can only save seeds from open-pollinated plants, not hybrids. Check your old seed packets. The nursery label F1 denotes a hybrid.

Here’s how to collect and dry your own seeds:

*After a plant has flowered, allow seeds to sit on the plant until they swell and the plant turns brown. For beans and peas, allow the pods to dry completely on the vine.

*Gather seed heads or pods into brown paper bags and dry further in a dark, dry spot for 10 days.

*Once they are ready, try the smash test. Tap a seed with a hammer. If its coat shatters, the seed is dry.Seal dry seeds in a jar or Tupperware.

  • Seal dry seeds in a jar or Tupperware
  • Label container with date and seed type
  • Seeds are viable for 2 years
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