The Power of Olive Oil

Olive oil has many healthy uses. Taken eternally, olive oil stimulates metabolism, promotes digestion, and lubricates mucous membranes. It can also be applied on the skin as a moisturizer. Olive oil contains 77% monosaturated fatty acids, 14% saturated fatty acids, and 9 % polysaturated fatty acids. But it also contains Vitamin E which is an antioxidant. Monosaturated fatty acids are less damaged by oxygen than other fats which means they don’t produce free radicals to damage cell membranes that contribute to several diseases.

Help for constipation: Ingest 1 teaspoon of olive oil mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach to help ease constipation.

Help for digestion and heartburn: Take 1 tablespoon of olive oil on an empty stomach to stimulate digestion, relieve upset stomach and gas, and for heartburn.

To treat earaches: soak a cotton ball in olive oil and add 5 drops of lavender oil. Place it loosely in your outer ear, until the pain stops.

Whenever possible, use olive oil in place of butter or other vegetable oils in cooking to help lower your cholesterol.

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