Mermaids Galore

Went to the Mermaid Museum in Markham, WA near the Westport Winery on a beautiful sunny day. It was something different to do, and since I love fantasy things, why not visit the museum? It cost $3.00 a person to get in. To be frank, I expected more after the long drive, but it was fun anyway. There are many mannequins dressed in mermaid costumes and old-time movie posters depicting mermaids. I found the lore and legends posted better than the displays. They had a gift shop of course which I found more interesting than the museum. Many fantastic books, children’s costumes, and different flavors of huge truffles. I chose a toffee truffle. If you want different Washington wines, you didn’t have to go inside the winery to taste them as the gift shop had that option too. I drove to Westport after the museum which is 14 minutes away and enjoyed the water view.

on the grounds of museum
glass visual
mermaid in tub
this is supposed to be a skeleton of fejee mermaid

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