Valentine Candy

I noticed the stores around my area of Auburn, WA didn’t include the famous sweetheart candy this year. I thought, did the COVID affect the factory? They could have printed out cute things this year like wear a mask, stay 6 feet apart, you take my breath away, etc. Just an idea.

Pet Licks

Does your dog lick a lot, especially in one particular spot? It could mean they have Lick Granuloma. I just recently learned this myself after my older dog licked a spot raw on his paw. Lick Granuloma is a common skin disease caused by your pet repeatedly licking an area of the body, usually the…Read more »

Brain Boost

According to the University of Birmingham in England, found that adults given a cocoa drink containing flavanols completed cognitive tasks efficiently over others drinking other products. Flavanols are a group of molecules naturally found in fruit and vegetables and increases mental agility. What better way to boost your brain power!

Holiday Lights

Have you noticed more people are putting up Christmas lights this year? I believe it’s the light in the darkness or the joy we’re alive in a world of the pandemic. Bless all the essential workers, especially the nurses. Here is a display of lights from my neighborhood. Enjoy.


Normally in July, my husband and I watch the fireworks show at Emerald Downs Horsing Racing Field. This year has been strange. We sat in our car to watch the fireworks when loud, noisy calls sounded from the fir trees. Every branch of the fir trees was covered in crows. This was creepy like the…Read more »