This squirrel I have dubbed Mittens. He is bigger than the other squirrels that frequent my backyard and his paws and inner coat are white. He’s smart too. He figured out how to get into the birdfeeders even with gadgets supposed to stop squirrels. The other squirrels couldn’t figure out how to get up there. One day he took a leap from the ground and managed to land on the bird feeder. I decided to use the old bird bath and put peanuts and corn in it which the squirrels like. Now I have to figure out how to keep the crows away.20171231_105322 squirrel

Christmas Music Boxes


My husband had placed a towel over the doggie door yesterday and I was showing my little dog that he can still go out it, by pushing on the towel. The dog backed up. I saw something hanging from the edge of the towel and pulled it off, thinking it was a piece of fabric. To my surprise, it was cold and slimy. I realized I was holding some slugs entwined around each other and immediately dropped it. I was totally grossed out! My husband threw them outside and I ran to wash my hands. I can’t believe I got slimed!

May Day

When most people hear May Day, they may think of the famous distress call or even making a basket of flowers. Did you know that May Day¬† or May 1st was actually the national moving day started by the Dutch in New York? The custom sprang from a city ordinance which required anyone who was planning on moving to do it by May 1st in order that the city directory could be made on schedule. During the 1850’s, it became fashionable to move. Fine ladies felt ashamed to have it known they had remained another year in the same place.