Prayer for 9/11

As we remember the pain and loss of 9/11, and as we mourn recent deaths in Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan, we struggle not to give in to the logic of violence, hatred, and revenge.

We struggle not to let ourselves be overcome by the fear that leads us to withdraw from the problems of the world.

We search for security outside of the Sacred, but there is no safe place to hide, no weapons that can’t be turned against us.

We are called to live in troubled times, we are called to step onto Sacred ground, the here and the now, we are called to be open to the reality of this world, and we are called to seek a just and peaceful global community.

May God give us light in the darkness of our hearts, dry the tears of those who mourn, be the ground on which we are rooted, growing toward the ways of peace.

We remember, we mourn, and we affirm the dignity of our sisters and brothers everywhere as we strive to become one global community of solidarity, equality, and peace.

     As we pause to remember and honor our fellow Americans who lost their lives on 9/11, it’s also a good time to remember we all have a part to play in keeping freedom alive and to recognize the heroes all around us-people that risk their lives everyday to serve us such as firefighters, police, medical personnel, and the military. There are other heroes around us that volunteer their time to make our community a more caring place or go out of their way to help someone without being asked. Thank you everyone for keeping America a living freedom.

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