Glacier Lakes & Safety

Mt. Rainer stands proud like a giant, protecting its valley and lakes.  As summer draws near and the weather warms, everyone  heads to the area lakes. But did you know that lakes, such as Lake Tapps are fed by the glacier? That puts the water at approximately 55 degrees. The colder the water, the quicker cold water incapacitation will occur. Your body loses heat 30 times faster in water. Males whose bodies cool faster than females are at greater risk. An average adult has a 50% chance of surviving a 50 yard swim in 50 degree water.

Drowning happens when you are:  * too cold  * too tired

* too much alcohol or drugs

* too much sun

* too far from safety

* too much strenuous activity

* Too little education in swimming technique or can’t swim well

* too stubborn to wear a life jacket


Know how to protect yourself and your loved ones. Keep safe this summer.


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