Promote A Healthier Ocean

We are all responsible to keep our waters free from pollution.  The majority of the world is surrounded by water, yet how many times have humans endangered the ocean with their carelessness? And it’s not just oil spills and toxic waste from ships. What we do on land also affects the ocean and it doesn’t have an endless capacity to absorb waste. Chemicals, weed killers, and fertilizers from lawns, gardens, and farms run-off into drains and eventually into our water. Did you know that nitrogen and phosphorous rob ocean waters of light and oxygen as well as harm coral reef ecosystems?

How we engage with ocean life also impacts whether our activities are positive or negative towards them. Be aware that there is life under the water when you are driving your boat. Those propellers injure countless dolphins, whales, seals, and other sea life.  Speeding can damage the wake and cause plants to tear as well as erode shorelines. Retrieve all fishing gear, lines, and lures. Seabirds, fish, and sea animals can get entangled or hurt from these items left behind. And if you’re not concerned about their safety, think about divers and swimmers out there that could get entangled as well. Also pick up your garbage. Wildlife will ingest anything. When you haul your boat from the water, rinse it off to remove hitchhiking organisms.

Don’t use the toilet as a trash can which can lead to overloaded septic and sewer systems. Remember that everything flows downstream and release into our waterways. If you love life and the ocean, then help promote a healthy future for our waterways. Remember we are all responsible.

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