The Desktop Diner

Are you are a desktop diner? These are people that speed-eat. That is they multi-task and eat at their desks to save time. The problem with this is that they think they are saving time by eating snacks from the vending machines or  a donut from the mail room or whatever else is available instead of eating properly. Many of these people convince themselves that they haven’t had a meal all day when in reality they have consumed 1500 empty calories of junk. THEN they go home and have a huge meal. If you brown bag it, you have more control over your food choices. Stock the lunchroom refrigerator with wholesome healthy snacks such as low fat yogurt, carrot sticks, etc. If you focus on what you’re eating, you might discover you really hate the vending machine food. Chew gum to prevent eating from stress or boredom. And drink lots of water.

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