Fantastic place


gili 4Lombok, one of the best kept secrets of Indonesia!

Hi everyone, how are you guys doing lately? We missed you all! Exactly two weeks ago we arrived at Schiphol Amsterdam, back from our holiday to Indonesia! Besides visiting our lovely family in Jakarta & Bandung ( West- Java), we also visited the beautiful Island Lombok, as we already mentioned in our previous post. We were already getting excited seeing pictures of this incredible island. You can’t even imagine how more beautiful it is if you are actually there and got to see this all in real life :D. Going to Lombok was an unforgettable experience for us.

Bali is NICE but if you are looking for a more quiet and relaxing holiday, Lombok will be a great alternative for you! With weather that is almost perfect all year around. Note: ‘leaving snowy Holland for 32 degrees weather was quite Ohweeee hihi!’. Powdery white…

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