Keys To Prevent Kidney Issues

Three things can contribute to kidney disease:

  • high blood sugar
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol

If your blood sugar remains high, it can lead to damage of the blood vessels that feed the kidneys and to the part of the kidneys that filter the blood. High blood pressure and high cholesterol puts pressure on the kidneys causing them to work harder and to leak proteins in the urine. What can you prevent these things from happening?

Studies have shown that managing blood glucose can halve your risk of developing kidney disease or halt the progression, if you do have it. Test and monitor your blood sugar at home. Know what your blood sugar is before you eat and drink. Check it again two hours after you have eaten to see if you’ve eaten the appropriate amount.

Follow a low sodium diet such as the DASH diet, which emphasizes vegetables, fruit, low-fat dairy, whole grains, fish, nuts, and limits salt, meat, and sweets. This diet helps lower blood pressure and blood sugar. It also lowers cholesterol.

Exercise is essential for the health of blood vessels and can protect your kidneys. Start gradually and build up to 30 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing. Take ten minutes at least. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Don’t be a couch potato. Sure you can watch TV, but get up and run in place during the commercials. Better yet, run on a treadmill while watching TV. If your feet are tired after working all day, elevate them above your heart. Do some leg raises while you’re sitting there. Use your imagination.

Follow up with your doc and form a plan for a healthier you. It might save your life and prevent disorders down the line. Some cholesterol issues are influenced by your genes. You might need medications, besides a healthy diet and exercise. No more excuses.exercise


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