lovely Scotland

Love Exploring Scotland

You’ll be thinking what the devil have I been up to now. Don’t worry, I’m not in cahoots with the devil, just popped down for a visit and a wee drink of Irn Bru!

The Devil’s Pulpit was a place I really wanted to visit this year. It’s a 100 feet deep gorge just south of Drymen on the A809, near Loch Lomond in Scotland.

The only reason I knew about this magical gorge was watching the fictional TV series Outlander. It was used as a filming location for Liar’s Spring, the water of truth! Drink from the water, if you die you’re lying about what was asked of you! A bit of a gamble with your life don’t you think?

Normally it would just be myself and Alan exploring but this time my children came with us, now aged 16 and 12.

As usual, they were not too keen in going out with us…

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