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After my exciting Smugglers’ Trail adventure I came back to Dundonald in October 2016 to take a tour of the castle and walk through the woodlands again.

This amazing 14th century castle we see today is looked after by Historic Scotland and the charity Friends of Dundonald Castle who are the keyholders. I’m a member of Historic Scotland, so I didn’t need to pay for my tour.

The castle tour

It’s a steep, but short path to reach the castle on the hill. When you first approach the castle there’s well in the ground on the left. It’s not known if this was a well or cistern. The hill is a solid quartz-dolorite plug so digging down for water would have been quite challenging.

hdr The well at Dundonald Castle

The reason I mention the well is that when I lunched at The Auchans Restaurant and Bar in the village one day…

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