Dogs and Bees

I had no idea what had happened to my little dog, Joey yesterday. He ran around in circles under my computer desk. He yelped when I picked him up. He held up his leg and I noticed some edema. My husband found a bumblebee crawling on the carpet. We determined Joey had been stung.

Dogs are curious animals. They will jump and chase insects, including bees. Dogs natural reaction to a bee sting is to run in circles and cry out, according to the vet. If a stinger is still present, scrape it with your fingernail or with a piece of cardboard. Tweezers may actually squeeze more poison into your animal. Treatment is to either use an ice pack, providing your dog will allow it, or a mix of baking soda and water applied to the site. Also dog aspirin helps with the swelling and pain.

If the dog is stung multiple times or in the mouth or throat, then seek immediate help from a vet,20180528_095622 (3) Joey under blanket because  the airway can be blocked from the edema. Allergic reactions to the bee sting include: weakness, difficulty breathing, and a large amount of swelling away from the site.

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