The Blind|روشن دل

A Voice from Iran


A blind man was walking in a dark ally while carrying a clay pot of water on his shoulder and a lit lantern in his other hand.


A nosy person was passing in the opposite direction and as soon as he saw the blind man, he started laughing and making fun of him.


The nosy person said: “Maybe I should remind you that you are blind.”


The blind man tried to ignore him and just continued walking.


The nosy person added: “Why would a blind person need a light? To hope to see?”, he laughed loudly and continued: “In your eyes days and nights are just dark, what would this lantern do for you?”


The blind man smiled and replied: “My son, you are absolutely right that days and nights are always dark in my eyes. But I am not carrying this lantern to see what’s in front of me…

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