Shadow Boxes

The theme of this week’s preschool lesson is we care about the Earth. For this craft project we made shadow boxes. It was a fun project as it made things stand out. You will need:

  • recycled boxes, about tissue box big
  • old cards & calendar pictures
  • animal & tree stickers
  • clear glue
  • plastic figures like horses, trees, etc.

Help the children cut out the pictures they want to use. Glue the pictures to the sides of the box. I also used green felt for the bottom side to make it look like grass. Blue construction paper for the sky works too. If you want to cover the back of the box with old wrapping paper, butcher block paper, or comics is optional too. Place the animal & tree stickers on the inside sides of the box. Then have the children glue the plastic figures on the grass section. We also sang , This Land is Your Land.


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