Adjusting to Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a common problem often caused by aging, but genetics, trauma, and occupational noises can also cause it. Common signs are: trouble hearing on the phone or in conversations personally. Needing to turn up the volume on the TV. Struggling with background noise or trouble hearing certain consonants. In some cases, surgery or medications help hearing loss. However, most often it’s permanent. Technology has come a long way and hearing problems are more manageable. My father came from the generation that refused to wear hearing aides, because he hated the way people looked at someone with them. In today’s world, the latest hearing aides are tiny and almost invisible to anyone

person s right ear
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There are two common types of hearing loss; 1. Sensorineural is caused by inner ear damage from exposure to loud noises or through aging. It makes soft sounds hard to hear and loud sounds muffled. 2. Conductive is caused by a variety of issues. Fluid in the middle ear, benign tumors, and earwax buildup. In conductive hearing loss, sounds can’t get through the outer  or middle ear, so it’s harder to hear soft sounds and louder sounds are muffled similar to sensorineural.

Treatments include hearing aides and assistive listening devices, or cochlear implant surgery. Some doctors also order nasal sprays.

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