Pet Licks

Does your dog lick a lot, especially in one particular spot? It could mean they have Lick Granuloma. I just recently learned this myself after my older dog licked a spot raw on his paw. Lick Granuloma is a common skin disease caused by your pet repeatedly licking an area of the body, usually the lower leg. The localized self-trauma leads to irritation of the skin, resulting in open sores.

Causes include: atopic dermatitis, boredom, flea bite sensitivity, food allergy, cancer, anxiety, joint pain, and a staph infection.

Treatment: treating the cause, identifying and correcting the emotional causes by increasing human contact or providing a companion, antibiotics, cleansing wounds and applying salves or drops per vet, Benadryl 12. 5 mg or corticosteroid shot by vet, and applying bad tasting substances to area, wearing an e-collar, and bandaging area.

Allergies and behavioral conditions contribute to this condition, however the Lick Granuloma is due to multiple factors. Both a secondary infection and a foreign body reaction from ruptured hair follicles keep the condition going. An ulcerative skin lesion from the licking may become itchy and perpetuate the itch-lick cycle. In some dogs, the licking releases endorphins which can be soothing, reduce anxiety, and suppress pain perception. This condition is hard to control and you may have to try different treatments.

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