Margaret of Scotland, Faith to the Poor

I was impressed by this lovely lady from history for her advocate of the poor. Margaret was born in 1045 and raised in the Hungarian court. At the age of twelve, she was sent to the English court of Edward, but when the Normans invaded England, her family and her tried to return to Hungary. Their ship was blown off course and they landed in Scotland. King Malcolm III fell in love with Margaret, and they married in 1070.

Margaret helped Malcolm become a gracious leader. They had eight children and all of them grew to love those who were poor and to care for them like their parents. The youngest David was considered a saint by the people. Margaret gathered women together to study the scriptures and to embroider vestments and altar cloths. She helped ransom the English that had been captured, and she set up homes and hospitals for those in need.

On the way home from church, during Lent and Advent, Margaret and Malcolm gave money to the poor and washed their feet. At home, Margaret fed nine orphans that were brought to her. Margaret’s family were responsible for two centuries of peace in Scotland.

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