Foods to Avoid

For those of us watching our diet or trying to lower our cholesterol, we should avoid foods high in trans fats. Here are the worst: Spreads: shortening, stick or tub margarine Packaged foods: cake mixes and others all have several grams of trans fats per serving. If it says ‘hydrogenated’ or ‘partially hydrogenated’ it contains…Read more »

The Balance Act of Stress and Diabetes

Stress can sabotage the best efforts at controlling blood sugar. When we are stressed, the body releases higher levels of the hormone, cortisol. This hormone together with adrenaline places the body in a fight or flight mood. This creates a dominos effect by increasing the concentration of glucose which interferes with the activity of insulin, leads to higher…Read more »

Tricking Our Brain Chemistry

* Use Natural Boosters. The dopamine receptors harbor the endorphins. Natural boosters for dopamine are healthy passions, hobbies, enjoyable exercise, laughter, meaningful work, and reward service from helping others. Serotonin helps control our impulses. Boosters for serotonin are positive attitudes, restful sleep, bonding with others, light from a window or getting outdoors. * Reduce Your…Read more »

Patterns of Life

Did you know our brains are designed to fight against starvation? It’s true. The cave man realized he needed to seek and consume food and respond to danger in order to ensure survival. Those skills have been ignored in today’s hurried world and conveniences, yet the reality is that our brains were designed to fight against starvation and…Read more »