To Water Or Not To Water That Is The Question

Watering too much or too little can kill your plants. What’s a person to do and how do you know what is right? Most plants are best if the soil is allowed to dry out partially between watering. Vegetables and annuals should be watered at the first sign of wilting. Perennials are tougher, but if you see them drooping after the evening cools off, then by all means give them a drink.

Moisten the whole root system. Watering deeply builds a healthier root system. Dig in with a trowel after an hour of watering to check the depth. Lawns only need one inch of water a week. Make every drop count. Build your soil with compost and mulch to hold in
water and less evaporation. Use soaker hoses or drip irrigation on vegetable and flower beds. Use a timer that screws onto the faucet to water just the right amount. When soil is dry and compacted, it won’t absorb water quickly. If water puddles, stop watering a while to allow the water to soak in. The best times to water are in the early morning or late evening to prevent evaporation.

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