Think Twice Before Using That Pesticide

A recent study @ the University of Washington tested urine of 110 toddlers and found traces of common garden insecticides. This was related to the average person using insecticides in their home and yard, not related to farmers.

Noted for rainfall in the Northwest, when we use pesticides that chemical washes off the plants in the rain, runs down the storm drain and out into the rivers and streams. We are causing harm to ourselves by harming or killing our fish and then eating them. Also when we use pesticides, we are harming our birds that feed off the bugs and slugs in our yard.

Anything with the suffix cide in it means to kill. Using those pesticides, insecticides, etc. kills the good and the bad bugs. Give nature time to work before you spray. Natural predators bring pests under control, but need time to work. Did you know the majority of the pesticides and fungicides don’t really work to control the problem? For example, those moss killers actually blacken the areas where you have sprayed, but moss lives on because we live in a rain forest. If you spray a few weeds under a tree, the weeds may die, but you have also killed the tree and anything else growing there. And guess what? The weeds come back.

What’s the answer you say? Prevention. Pull those weeds before they seed and spread. Clean up dead plants in the fall. Select pest-resistant plants and put them in the environment they like. Read the labels before planting them. Build healthy soil with compost and mulch. Soil organisms protect plants from many diseases and insect problems. Most bugs are good bugs that control pests. Some garden stores sell pest controller bugs such as ladybugs. An easy and natural method of getting rid of pests is to spray them with soap and water. Think before you spray that pesticide.



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