Who knew those women libbers that burned their bras years ago had the right idea all along? According to medical anthropologists, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer, a bra-covered breast can actually cause cysts, pain, cancer, as well as lead to stretched-out, droopy breasts. Perhaps your mother, like my own, preached the importance of wearing a bra to prevent sagginess. Wrong! A fifteen year study, done in France, concluded that eliminating the bra doesn’t promote sagginess of the breast. In fact, bras constrict the natural lymph fluid from flowing much like a rubber band cuts off the circulation. Backed-up fluid results in pain and cysts. Stagnant lymph fluid, not flushed away, concentrates waste products and toxins in the breasts. THIS can lead to cancer! So what are you waiting for ladies? Toss the bra.

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