The Shocking Reasons Behind The Opioid Epidemic

According to the CDC, 91 people die everyday from opioid overdose. Deaths have increased since 2010. The root cause is debatable, yet since 1999, 400% in opioid prescriptions have increased. In 1995, the Purdue Pharmaceutical Company released the drug, OxyContin. It’s an extended release oxycodone formulation branded for treatment of chronic non-cancerous pain. From 1996-2002,…Read more »

Bring On The Good Skin

There are several good food choices to help retain healthy skin. Here are a few: Avocados: They have healthy fats that lock in moisture and strengthen skin cell membranes Beets: They support healthy liver function which contributes to glowing skin Berries: The skin of the berries have anthocyanins in them which strengthens skin elasticity.  They…Read more »

The Balance Act of Stress and Diabetes

Stress can sabotage the best efforts at controlling blood sugar. When we are stressed, the body releases higher levels of the hormone, cortisol. This hormone together with adrenaline places the body in a fight or flight mood. This creates a dominos effect by increasing the concentration of glucose which interferes with the activity of insulin, leads to higher…Read more »