Green Lake of Yesteryear & Today

As a child, I used to go on field trips to Green Lake in north Seattle. I always thought the water had a strange smell and the bottom of the lake felt yucky to my feet. My eyes popped out when I saw this little article about Green Lake today in the NW Prime Time News. It said in 1935, Green Lake was a malignant disease-breeding menace to health and the city applied for federal funds to clean it up. The city planned on dredging the sludge from the bottom of the lake, improve the drainage, and purify the water. The city engineer scraped the project in 1937.

My questions are these: 1. What did the city do with the money, if they never cleaned up the lake?

2. Why are people still using the lake, such as swimming?

3. Why has the city not done a thing about the disease- breeding lake?

My God, it’s been 83 years of pollution!

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