The ginger plant’s healing properties are something to celebrate. It’s good for settling stomach upset from riding on a plane or boat to indigestion from a rich meal or a sour stomach. Try steeping it in a cup of tea or chewing on a small piece of ginger. Candied ginger or gingersnaps help ease nausea.…Read more »

Bring On The Good Skin

There are several good food choices to help retain healthy skin. Here are a few: Avocados: They have healthy fats that lock in moisture and strengthen skin cell membranes Beets: They support healthy liver function which contributes to glowing skin Berries: The skin of the berries have anthocyanins in them which strengthens skin elasticity.  They…Read more »

Home Remedies

Did you know that castile soap was originally made from olive oil in Spain? It draws moisture into your skin while allowing your pores to breathe. It contains vitamins A&E, which are anti-inflammatory and the olive oil helps your body produce collagen to keep your skin young and supple. Some dermatologists recommend using pure olive…Read more »