The True Story of St. Nickolaus

In 200 AD, Nickolaus was ordained Bishop of Myra, Turkey. He was credited with good deeds and miracles. The poor children of Myra left their shoes by the front door of their homes at night in hope that Bishop Nickolaus would leave food in them. One of his many legends tells of three young girls that worried over the fact they had no dowries and could never marry. The girls drew lots and the loser would sell herself into slavery so the others would have dowries. Now Bishop Nickolaus heard their plight and made a nightly visit to their door. He dropped fruit and nuts on their window sill and saved them from slavery. To remember his kindness, December 6th was set aside in honor of St. Nickolaus. During the 12th century, a tradition started to make night visits to poor children and to give them fruit and nuts.

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