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Food Fellowship and Wine

Why not be extravagant?

As a kid, my mom and I had our ‘special time’ watching late afternoon television. That means Oprah. God we loved Oprah. The problem, however was that Oprah came on very late afternoon which always left us with about an hour or two to fill up beforehand. And so we discovered the cooking channel. Now that was way back, Jamie was still naked and Nigella still lived of butter. Pretty soon The Hairy Bikers joined and Oprah was never spoken of again. Now, however, I live 1000 miles from my mom and I can’t afford TV which means when we visit each other, the cooking lingers on the line of outright extravagant (what can you do if your were brought up next to Nigella?). So this one is a collaborative piece between me and my mom: pour the chocolate, let the feast commence!

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