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Part 2 of adventures in Gazpacho! If you didn’t see my first gazpacho recipe, you can check it out here.

For people who are really into gazpacho, this probably is an old hat combination. However, it was new to me! I’d only ever had more traditional gazpacho (tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, spices). The watermelon doesn’t make it sweet – it makes it cool, a perfect complement to the habanero pepper. I like this combination as well because it’s not super acidic. Watermelons are also mostly water as the name implies (shocker), and it adds the bulk of the liquid to the soup, reducing the overall acidity.

Restaurants tend to have gazpacho in some form on their summer menus – for a reason. It’s delicious. However, I think they also tend to put this soup on the menu because of it’s “ooh – ahh” factor. It’s a CHILLED tomato soup –…

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