Things Your Mother Never Told You; Part One

GRAY HAIR:     Did you ever wonder why our hair changes to gray as we age? Graying occurs as the cells in our hair follicles lose their ability to produce pigment over time. The hair isn’t actually gray, which is hard to believe I know. The fact is when new hair grows in, it doesn’t have enough pigment or melanin for color so instead it appears washed out, thus the gray look. Most people will notice a change when they reach their forties or fifties. Also it varies by race and gender. It’s also possible stress can hasten the arrival of pigment changes. Stress hormones lead to inflammation and free-radical production which in turn affects the melanin production. Some conditions such as HIV infection, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, severe iron, copper, and protein deficiencies may increase premature graying. There is no proof or research to back up claims of nutritional supplements to reverse the process of graying. So either you go natural or you can camouflage your gray. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to use those potential harmful chemicals on your hair. Or try a wig. They come in different styles and colors.

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