Are you looking for something different to make with leftover roast? Try this.First make the marinade. Chop up roast beef into small pieces. Set it aside. In a quarter size freezer bag, add the beef, one cup of red wine, 2 T. Parsley,2 T. Basil,1 T. Oregano, 2 tsp. Onion powder, and 1/4 tsp. Black pepper. Close the bag and shake ingredients around. Put the marinade in refrigerator and allow to soak for 3 hours. Drain the marinade into a bowl. Slice up some mushrooms and
1/2 cup of onions. Cook the mushrooms and onions in 3 T. Butter. 
When soft, put aside. In the same skillet add 2 T. Butter. Dredge the roast in flour and cook in the butter. Add the marinade and 1 can of golden mushroom soup. Stir. Add the onion mixture. Stir. Allow to simmer while you boil some egg
noodles in a separate pan. When noodles are done, serve sauce over noodles.

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