The OM Project

Chia seeds! These are on my top ten healthy foods to know about list. They are power packed, so easy to add to a ton of dishes, and cheap af. Buy a big bag in bulk and sprinkle it on just about anything for a boost.

First of all, yes chia seeds are the same seeds from chia pets, and yes you can sprout them just like the pet hair of your youth for a nice snack. Consuming the seed itself actually dates back way past the eighties to Aztec and Mayan times where the seeds, which come from the desert plant salvia hispanica, were harvested in Mexico for energy. Chai actually means “strength”. The tiny seeds are well named because they do give you strength with all the numerous health benefits packaged inside those itty bitty specks.


The black and white seeds are a great source of Omega 3’s which…

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