The Latest Scam

The new breed of telephone scammers don’t wait for someone to say hello to rip someone off. One such scam is they make repeated calls to you and disconnect after one ring. They know this will spur people into calling back the displayed number. If you call the area codes such as 268, 664, and 876 back, you will incur high per minute phone charges because these calls are from other countries. The scam involves getting you to call one of the numbers, then they put you on hold that racks up your bill, until the scammer gets on the line and gives a fraudulent pitch. Another popular scam is a scammer texts you with a fake problem from one of your financial accounts and asks for data or they pitch low cost mortgages or credit cards. If you respond by texting back personal information, your identity is stolen. Scam artists spend hours calling customer service centers of banks, insurance companies, and other institutions, posing as other people to access accounts. Scammers start by assembling information on you stolen from data breaches purchased on the dark web. With your data in hand, they can answer authenticated questions. Be careful.pexels-photo.jpg

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