The Persecuted & the Virgin Mother

In history, we hear stories about the Christians being persecuted such as in Rome, but here is a different historical fact that I hadn’t heard. At the end of the 18th century, the country of Vietnam was divided into two kingdoms. The North was ruled by the Trinh dynasty and the South ruled by the Nguyen dynasty. When Canh Trinh ruled, his advisors feared the spread of Catholicism and had the king issue an anti-Catholic edict which persecuted the Catholics. More than 100,000 Vietnamese Catholics died. All Catholic churches and seminaries were destroyed.

Many families fled to the jungles. They prayed the rosary each night to help them find courage and comfort. One night, an apparition appeared. It was a woman holding a child and surrounded by angels. Those present interpreted the vision as the Virgin Mother. She assured them their prayers were heard and promised them protection. As the story spread, many came to the site and prayed. In 1820, a chapel was built. In 1999, Pope John Paul ll publicly recognized the Lady of La Vang.pexels-photo-906311.jpeg

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