ice cream magazine


For the last five consecutive days it’s alleged to be the hottest day of the year, thus far, hence much basking in the warm breeze and avoidance of the searing sun. Your roving reporter is today planted at the dining table on the patio. My stoic protector, a huge rectangular umbrella which may well be (not unlike the writer), a tad faded and have seen better days, but until the builders are finished there’s no way we’ll consider ‘springing’ for a new one.


As the brolly went up, there was an immediate feel of ‘home’. Recollections of past summers, giggly booze-up-barbecues, platters, natters and chatter. The buzzy bees gearing up as the honeysuckle and lavender present themselves ‘open for business’.  For us this simply resonates from the department of ‘somethings you just can’t buy’.


A few years ago a significant birthday (“One of many deary?”) saw the…

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