Black Leader of Centralia

With today’s remarks and abuse about people of different ethnic cultures,  here is a positive account about a black couple that founded Centralia, WA. They were Mary & George Washington. Mary had African & Jewish heritage &  came to Washington from Louisiana. George was born to a white woman of English descent and an African-American slave father. They owned a 640 acre farm. They supported their neighbors in times of need and gave them loads of rice and staples. They gave land to start churches. George cut & hewed the timber for the city’s first Baptist church and founded a seminary on top of the hill above Centralia. When people couldn’t afford their bills, George told them he knew they were good for it. George died in 1905 in a buggy accident. Businesses closed down in mourning. He was a great leader. Some of our politicians of today ought to pay attention to what a true leader is.20180718_152146 (1) G. Wa. of Centralia

The people of Centralia have pulled together to create a bronze statue in their honor on their 200th anniversary.

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