Glitter Jars

My lesson plan for my preschoolers this week was on the gift of sight. Since children love color, we made glitter jars. It’s very simple. You will need these ingredients:

  • water
  • clear glue
  • glycerin
  • glitter
  • container with lid

I chose a small plastic container with lid. You can find them at dollar stores. I felt it was better with preschoolers than an actual jar. I didn’t want any cut fingers if it broke.

Fill the container with water. Add 1/ 2 the container with clear glue. Next add a few drops of liquid glycerin. You can find it at drug stores. Allow the children to pick the colors of glitter and add them to the container. Apply the lid and let the children admire the swirling colors. For an added feature, try adding food color. The children loved it.

colourful capsules
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