Here Comes the Clowns

My preschool class is learning about laughter and celebrations. I thought of this craft for them to do. It’s a clown. You will need fruit netting ( like on Asian Pears), construction paper, foam paper, a marker, small plastic jars with lids ( found at Michael’s), and cupcake liners. Make a clown face with markers on a circle face of construction paper. Make a funny hat from construction paper and glue it on the top of the face. Set it aside. Turn the jar upside down so the lid is on the bottom. Place the netting over it. Trim the top. Glue the cupcake liner on top of the jar. Cut out feet in the shape of a heart from the foam and glue to the bottom of the jar. Fold a 6 inch piece of paper accordion style. Cut out heart shape hands out of the foam and glue onto the end of the accordion pieces. Glue to the sides of the jar. Last, fold the edge of the bottom piece of face and glue onto the cupcake liner.


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