9 Things you need to know if you want to visit London

thoughts for traveling to England

Adriana Tudor's diary📜

Photo it is made by me!

1.You can visit the city without public transport in common.

2.In the east of the city is the Columbia Road Flower Market, one of the longest shopping streets in the city.

3.South Bank has a lot of fun and a place to see the most interesting tourist attractions in the city: London Eye, Big Ben and St Paul’s Cathedral.

4.If it’s sunny and beautiful, you can rent a bicycle. They are like stalls all over the city. Do not forget to go on the left side and take care at the peak hour (8-10am, 5-7pm).

5.Dress up comfortably and even if it’s sunny, have an umbrella or a raincoat. You never know when it will start raining.

6.Get an Oyster card if you plan to use public transport (subway, train and bus). You can buy it when you get in…

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