Wild Rice vs White Rice

Doctors pass on to their patients to avoid white rice, white bread, and white flour because of the bad starches that increase blood glucose levels and that increase weight gain. As women mature into the menopause stage, their abdomens and thighs widen. As we age, everyone’s metabolism slows down and it makes it harder to lose that extra fat.

I’ve attended numerous seminars, for my nursing credentials, and I have heard that a well balanced diet and exercise is the key to keeping off the weight, good for your heart, and improving brain function. I grew up in the era of a balanced diet which also included some type of starch such as potatoes or rice. If I can’t eat white rice, then the alternative was brown rice. I’m sorry, but I  hate the taste of brown rice. Then I watched a program about increasing your metabolism by eating certain foods. One of these foods was wild rice. I love the nutty taste of wild rice.

And guess what? Wild rice is high in  protein, low in fat, and is a dietary fiber. The best news is that it carries the amino acid, lysine which helps you lose weight.  It also is a good source of Vitamin B and it doesn’t contain gluten.  One cup of cooked wild rice produces 5% of the daily value of thiamine, riboflavin, iron, and potassium; and 10% of niacin, folate, B6, and phosphorus. Isn’t that amazing? And wild rice is actually a grain-producing grass and not in the member of the rice family, although their tastes are similar. Try it as a side dish or in a salad. I like to add golden raisins to mine. Yum!

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